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Professional Wood Floor Laying and Installation


Your New Wooden Floor Down In No Time

Solid Oak Herringbone Wood Floor Supplied and Fitted in Marlybone, London.

In Marylebone, London, we've elegantly transformed a space with a solid oak herringbone wood floor, expertly supplied and fitted. Beginning with the removal of the old flooring and preparing the subfloor, we've meticulously installed the new parquet, framed by a bespoke border. This project not only revitalises the space with timeless elegance but also promises durability and craftsmanship.

Pre Finished Engineered Wood Floor Supplied and Laid in Chiswick, London

In Chiswick, London, we've expertly upgraded a space with a new pre-finished engineered oak wood floor. The project involved removing the outdated, thin pine floorboards and responsibly disposing of them. We then enhanced the space with thermal insulation and an 18 mm plywood base, ensuring a stable and insulated foundation. The engineered oak floor was then precisely glued down, offering a modern and sophisticated finish that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Old carpet removal and 15 meter reclailmed floorboard changed

Reclaimed Floorboards Laid and Sanded in Dulwich, London.

In Dulwich, we revitalised a space by laying and sanding reclaimed pine floorboards, seamlessly integrating them with the existing original pine floors. This project not only preserved the character of the space but also enhanced its authenticity and warmth, blending old charm with new life.

Reclaimed Maple Floor Laying in Islington, London.

In Islington, London, our project involved laying reclaimed maple flooring, where we first prepared and levelled the subfloor for a perfect foundation.


We securely glued down the flooring, followed by careful sanding and finishing with a matte oil, bringing out the maple's natural elegance and resilience.

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