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High-Quality Engineered Oak Floor Installations


Enhance Your Living Space with Engineered Wood Flooring

Rustic Grade Engineered Oak Floor Restoration
Kensington London

5 bedroom house with 2 flies of stairs sanded and finished with Osmo raw oil.
Job finished in 7 working days

Australian Jarrah Floor Laid & Sanded

Australian Jarrah plank floor laid and sanded with brass inlay,  Eaton Place, Westminster

Prime Grade Oak Plank Floor Restoration Marylebone, London

2 bed flat sanded, brushed, stained and re-oiled
Job finished in 5 working days

Oak Plank Floor Restoration
Twickenham, London

Finished with Osmo coloured hardwax oil
Reception, living room, hallway and staircase sanded and oiled

Oak Plank Floor Restoration Wimbledon

Oak plank floor restoration in Wimbledon.
Sanded, bevel cleaned, stained and sealed with matte hardwax oil

Walnut Office Floor Sanded & Oiled in Trafalgar Square

Wide walnut plank office floor restoration during the Christmas break in Trafalgar sq, London, Sanded, gap filled and sealed with oil.

Oak Plank Floor Restoration
Hyde Park, London

Grade 2 building's floor restoretion near Hyde Park, London.
Quarter sawn oak floor re-laying and restoration, sanded gap filled, stained and oiled

Birch Wood Floor Restoration in Greenwich

Greenwich Yacht Club floor restoration, very tired birch wood sanded, stained and sealed with 4 coat of varnish, 220 Sqm job finished in 12 working days

Oak Plank Restoration in Chiswick

Oak plank restoration in Chiswick. Bevel edge cleaned, sanded and sealed with 4 coat natural white varnish.

Marylebone Oak Plank Floor Restoration

Marylebone Oak plank floor restoration brushed and oiled. 
36 Sqm job finished in 5 working days

Oak Plank Floor Restoration in Clapham

Clapham common oak plank floor restoration from old aged looking orange back to the natural nordic look, sealed with water based finish, job finished in 5 working days

Oak Plank Restoration in Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens Oak plank floor restoration, sanded back to the bare wood and refinished with white oil and hardwax oil on top, 36 Sqm finished in 4 days

Kensington Oak Engineered Floor Restoration

Kensington Oak engineered plank floor restoration, sanded, stained and sealed with hardwax oil. 68 Sqm, job finished in 6 working days
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